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Concept evaluation
Feasability studies, project planning and cost estimates
Rapid prototyping
Quick and efficient prototyping of both software and hardware
Robotics solutions
Custom robotics for automating complex and costly tasks

What we do for you

Concept evaluation

Do you have an idea for your business that involves robotics, AI or automation? We help you set up a plan for the implementation and give you a cost estimate of it.

  • We evaluate technical feasibility
  • We estimate cost, time and resources required
  • We create an agile project plan

Rapid prototyping

Need a prototype? Let us turn your idea into reality. We can quickly create both custom hardware and software to validate your ideas.

  • We implement an agile and efficient workflow
  • Our existing ecosystem makes prototyping quick
  • We make custom software, electronics and hardware

Robotics solutions

Does your business rely on costly manual labor? Get ahead of the competition with bleeding edge research in robotics to automate complex and costly tasks in your organization.

  • Build upon existing robotics products
  • Leverage sensors, AI and computer vision
  • Around the clock, skilled and free labor

Service robot at Swedish railway

Case study

Deliviering a service robot for SJ, the largest railway company in Sweden. The future is closer than you think!

The human-like robot can answer questions about departures, platforms, timetables and also converse and be sociable with travelers.
The robot has been evaluated by researchers at Linköping Univeristy and was also interviewed on live radio.

Dyno Robotics provides custom robotics solutions in all sectors. Please contact us and let us know how we can take your business to the next level!

Acrobatics with industrial robot

Case study

In this project we worked together with Scenkonst Öst to create a theater experience with humans and an industrial robot arm performing together.

We are continiously pushing the limits of our imagination, never hesitant to try things that has never been done before!
By programming very precise motions the robot is a much safer option than jumping from a traditional balancing board – the acrobats tell us.

You can learn more about the project in Swedish media SVT and listen to interviews with the performers.

Robot assistant at TUI

Case study

The Swedish traveling company TUI envisioned a social robot at their offices that could help them with day to day tasks.

Leveraging our bleeding edge robot tools the development and installation of the robot intelligence was quick and efficient.
The robot has been welcomed by open arms and gathered a lot of media attention.

The nordic CEO Alexander Huber imagines that more robots like this one could work at the airports and at their tourist destinations.


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