We design and develop custom robotics & AI solutions for your business using cutting edge technology.

Awesome tech in your business

At Dyno Robotics, we'll help you create state of the art products & solutions for your organization.

Innovative protypes

Whether you want to automate critical tasks, or explore novel ways to implement robotics & AI in your business, we're there for you.

Concept evaluation

We help you evaluate technical feasibility, estimate cost and timeline required to make it reality.

rapid prototyping

Turn bold ideas into reality. We create both custom hardware and software to validate your concept quickly.


Manual labour is costly. We'll help you make robots do the heavy lifting, or the talking.

Deep-tech consultancy

Are you already in the midst of developing a mind-blowing robotics or AI product? We can help you take your development to the next level.

Extra Manpower

Are you knee-deep in developing a robotics product and need an extra hand? We've got your back.

Deep Expertise

We'll help you infuse your products with valuable breakthrough robotics & AI technologies.

User Experience Mindset

Great products need solid technical foundations and smooth user experiences. We can help you with both.

Need a hand?

State of the art solutions

Making a great robot is about more things than just electrical motors and digital bits. In addition to using cutting-edge technology, we also employ user-centric design methods.

Modern robotics & AI

We are complete nerds when it comes to robotics & AI. There are many fascinating technologies out there. We make them accessible to your organization and your customers.

Autonomous Navigation

Automatic path planning and following is an essential part of many useful robot applications. At Dyno Robotics we have a broad experience of applying autonomous navigation technologies to real world applications.

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More human than just robotics

The days of putting a fence between humans and robots are over. Using UX and product design, we put the human experience front and center.

We love ROS

At Dyno Robotics, we absolutely love ROS – Robot Operating System. ROS opens the door for the next generation of robotics, and it lies at the heart of our robots. We have many ROS projects under our belts, and have even created a popular ROS2 Unity integration.

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We have helped many small companies and large corporations create great robotics & AI solutions.

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