Design & HMI

The most techically advanced robot in the world wouldn’t be any good if nobody wanted to use it.

Great robotics & AI solutions require thought-through design. Design & human-machine interaction (HMI) in the world of robotics & AI is all about focusing on the human experience. Its a methodology that we employ in order to create user-friendly products, such as:

  • Physical and digital product design sketching
  • Low-fi and hi-fi prototyping
  • Collaborative workshops and immersive visualizations.

A design-thinking mindset allows us to create innovative products and experiences using the latest technical breakthroughs.

User-experience-first implementation in your organization

Bold ideas are important, and they can be hard to realize. A user-experience-first approach will help you find out which aspects of an idea are the most value-bringing. We can help you find creative and useful ways to implement robotics & AI in your organization and products.

Our design framework

Modern robotics require a multidisciplinary design approach by nature. In a given robot, there are many different technologies involved, and often several modes of interaction available. Service design, pshycial product design, audio design – you name it. At Dyno Robotics, we employ several different design methods depending on the project.

Service and UX (user experience) design

A well designed robot may not look complex, but in reality, it is actually part of a large and complex system of technologies. Furthermore, humans can also be quite complex. Service and UX design aims to make sense of these complexities, by using various research methods, as well as visualization and prototyping techniques.

Physical product design

Aesthetics are important. A physical robot that is pleasing to the eye is generally percieved to be well functioning. But its not only about it just looking good; a good product (or robot) needs to make sense for the user. That means making it simple, which require extensive product sketching, prototyping and user testing.

Digital product design

Nearly all robotics & AI solutions have some sort of digital interface. You may interact with the robot through a mounted touch screen, or maybe remotely through a smartphone or desktop. We design our interfaces using modern UI-design tools.

Sound design

Audial feedback is an important aspect of human-machine interaction. It can quickly give the user cues about what to do next, or if something has gone wrong. Furthermore, well design audio can greatly improve the user experience, making interaction satisfying. We put great care into making our products and solutions sound as nice as they are innovative.

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