Hat of values

Talking artwork

The Hat of Values is an experience centered around a talkative AI inside of a wooden box that hangs from the ceiling. It was developed for Ebbepark, a real estate area in Linköping. They wanted to give their visitors a thought-provoking experience, as well as assert their brand as being a place for innovation. Users get to put their head into it, and inside they get to talk to an AI and experience an audiovisual spectacle.

The process

This highly explorative project started with collaborative workshops to flesh out the idea. We made sketches, low-fi prototypes and storyboards. By getting feedback on successively more refined prototypes, we could land on a satisfying end product.

We looked at many different design possibilites during the ideation phase.
The visitor experience journey help frame the experience during the development.
A cardboard prototype in the making.

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