Last mile delivery robot for EVOLVE

Together with Ericsson One, Vinnova and Keolis we developed an autonomous last mile delivery robot as a part of RISE’s EVOLVE-project.

The EVOLVE project aims to integrate different autonomous transportation methods for mixed passenger and goods transportation into joint operations. The project uses the Ericsson Innovation Cloud‘s dashboard to integrate mobility services at two levels – strategic and tactical. At the strategic level, actors collaborate on a mission profile using KPIs to measure and control performance. At the tactical level, real-time communication is facilitated using explainable AI algorithms.

Using a Jackal UGV (unmanned ground vehicle), we developed a compact robot that automatically adjusts it’s course depending on its mission and obstacles. The Jackal cooperates with bigger vehicles, such as Keolis’ autonomous shuttles, which enables truly autonomous last mile delivery.

Jackal automatically boards larger autonomous vehicles.

Jackal automatically avoids obstacles and adjusts its course.

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