Elsa at The Swedish Airforce Museum

Elsa is an AI-assistant developed to interact with visitors at The Swedish Airforce Museum (Flygvapenmuseum) in Linköping.

Using GPT-3 NLP, Elsa is especially trained to be able to talk to children and answer a wide variety of questions. Whether she’s asked about her favorite color or which plane in the museum has the widest wingspan, she can deliver accurate and dynamic responses.

Through custom animation, Elsa is also able to portray emotions in conversation, making the interaction more lively and natural. The screen also enables visual storytelling by sourcing and showing photos and videos directly from the K-samsök and Kringla databases of museum artifacts.

The progress and evolution of Elsa. She was first exhibited at the museum in january of 2023.

Occasionally Elsa participates in experiment shows and demonstrations at the museum.  Therefore, when needed, she can follow a pre-programmed script and be controlled manually by the presenter through an app.

With navigation and tiltable screen, Elsa also has the ability to move around and transport herself to different parts of the museum. This will eventually be used to guide the visitors around the premises and automate her transition between venues. 

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