Dredging robot – Life Sure

The project Life Sure aims to develop a new way of dredging the sea floor using new technology. The methods developed will be autonomous, cost effective and sustainable. Dyno Robotics is responsible for all the electronics and programming on the autonomous raft.

Malmfjärden in Kalmar is the first lake that will be dredged

During the development we created a simulation in which most of the autonomous systems can be tested before deploying to the physical robot raft in Kalmar. This enables quick iterations on the software.

Test in simulator of the autonomous path planning and navigation

We also built a small scale test platform which we used to get all the electronics setup and tested in our workshop.

Testing the electronics and software outside our workshop in Linköping

Then the raft was remote controlled from land to tests its maneuvering capabilities.

Timelapse of the raft pulling itself using ropes attached to anchors

The raft uses an RTK GPS with centimeter precision to localize itself, and torque controlled BLDC motors to pull in ropes attached to anchors. By continuously solving a set of linear equations the control loop calculates the rope forces that are needed to move the raft along the planned path at a set speed.

Erik demonstrates how the raft moves slowly though the water

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