Controlling Nao robot with VR headset in dance show

In this project we developed a system to remote control a humanoid Nao robot using a VR headset. The setup was delivered with all software and hardware required to use the system. Professional choreographer Robin Jonsson will be using this system in his upcoming show.

I’ve worked with Dyno Robotics in several projects as they’ve developed software for my artistic projects in the performing arts.

The reason why I contacted them is because of their curiosity and willingness to work with me on unusual projects and ability to solve my specific and sometimes weird requests. They have also been really forthcoming with helping me and adapting the products after I received them.

I will definitely work with them again and I can strongly recommend them.

Robin Jonsson

The video feed is sent from the cameras on the robot to the VR headset for the operator to see. The head, arms and fingers are controlled with precision by the human operator using trackers attached to the body.


The operator interface is coded in the Unity3D game engine. Joint angles for the robot is calculated using inverse kinematics and optimized though Scipy. The system is built on top of the powerful ROS2 (Robot Operating System) and deployed in a Docker container.

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