AI-driven Conversation – LasseMaja’s Detective House

In 2023, we developed the finale station for LasseMaja’s Detective House, a themed escaperoom-experience in Linköping, Sweden.  

Visitors of the destination participate in the solving of a detective-mystery where they gather clues through different games and riddles. At the end of their visit they present their acquired evidence to the police officer of LasseMaja’s fictitious hometown through an animated video call with AI-driven speech recognition.

Using OpenAI’s Whisper neural net, the computer accurately picks up the visitors’ voice responses. Replies in the form of pre-recorded lines from a voice actor, with corresponding custom-made animation sequences, can be delivered at humanlike speed as a result of storing the AI locally on the computer.

In order to make our present-day technology visually fit into LasseMaja’s world and timeline, the interface is using a CRT-monitor and the microphone installed on an oldschool rotary phone. The phone’s dial is also fully functional and physically incorporated in the interaction. 

When the players have solved the mystery, they get photographed for the front page of LasseMaja’s local newspaper of which the team gets a physical copy at the end of their visit. We fully custumize the page to the visitors by automatically including their registred team name and taken photo in the news article. Depending on which character is found guilty, which is unique for each team that visits the detective house, we use custom computer vision to extract the foreground from the background and cut in the character behind the participants in the newspaper’s photo.

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