Äggcelent Robotics

We conducted an exploratory study on robotic solutions to prevent floor eggs in poultry farming. Focusing on reducing misplaced eggs, the study proposed a concept for a for a robot, that we named CluckBot, equipped with a SCARA robot arm, a suction cup for egg retrieval, and modified egg cartons for collection.

The robot’s strategy includes encouraging hens to lay eggs in designated nests through its presence and using a 3-step method to guide them, including audible cues, air puffs and gentle physical guidance.

Tracked treads were chosen for propulsion to navigate challenging terrain. The study delved into behavioral adaptations for hens, emphasizing the learning process to avoid floor eggs.

Proposed navigation solutions are a combination of LiDAR technologies, Ultra Wide Band, odometry, and Vision SLAM, with route planning for optimal paths. Despite identified challenges, the project suggests a promising future for CluckBot, recommending further tests and development to verify and optimize its feasibility and performance.

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