Our service packages are used to combine different products into a package that is designed to meet certain common customer requirements which we have identified on the market.

Feasibility study package

We evaluate your idea before it consumes your whole budget, to early indicate what your project will cost. We have experience from previous feasibility studies for public procurements and companies like the Swedish railway.

Control Nao through webinterface

Take control of your Nao; Control in real-time, active different Choreograph-behaviours via a simple interface, write what the user should say in real-time, Wizard of Oz. Perfekt for experiments and shows. Perfect for example universities that do studies and business that need real-time interaction with people for events and meetings.

Dialogflow, for both Pepper and Nao

We script natural dialogue where the robots answer questions, interact with customers and answer when talked to. Easy control that works similar to Alexa, Google Home and Siri – but with arms and legs. Achieve natural communication, with a face instead of a boring speaker. Can be integrated into other systems, like case management and CRM. We create a frontend to Google Dialogflows backend.

Nao VR

Take control and maneuver every joint of your Nao-robot. Dive into the control room and enter the robots brain. Become a robot – look through the robots eyes, listen through the microphones and speak from the speakers. Not only can you control the robots joints, you can also active complex predefined behavior like stand up and dance.

Drone autonomy experimentation platform for researchers and bussiness

A ROS2-interaction for the Crazyflies drones. Skip all the setup and headache and use our stable system built upon topics and messages that’s also extensible. Get up and fly quickly with a user-friendly setup. Customize the system, that is built to the latest standard and make it do exactly what you want. Perfekt for development of new technologies or to experiment with.